Roofers are among the most called upon construction service providers in the country today, with around three million roofing jobs being done each year. There is no secret as to why roofers are in such high demand, after all there are nearly two houses for each person in this country, but the specific jobs that roofers undertake may not be as well known by the general public. In this article we will look at the main reasons why people seek the help of a roofing company.

As global climate changes provoke more frequent and violent storms, it is becoming increasingly more common for people to need a roofer to fix damage caused to their roofs by storms. A major roofing company,, reported that during the last year around half of all the roofing jobs that came to them, came after a major storm had hit. Especially in areas of the country where winds that can top 90 miles an hour are common, the need for roofing is widespread. One of the most reported types of damage that takes place during a storm is loss of roof tiles, as well as holes in the roof caused by falling tree branches and other objects picked up by the wind. The problem of roof damage after a storm is even more pressing than during other times because it is usually coupled with the threat of water damage which can enter the home through the damaged structure. Sadly, during the period after major storms there is often a major shortage in roofing shortages available to people, and even more so when the storm takes place in a rural area. There are times when homeowners are left waiting for weeks for a roofing company to arrive to their homes. Roofers recommend that homeowners keep an emergency roofing repair kit om hand in case they need to make a minor repair after a storm as struck.

The second major cause for the high demand on the roofing industry is due to the fact that there are many older homes in the nation which are just starting to need repairs made to their structures after so many years of use. Right now, homes from the late 60’s are beginning to show the strain which time has placed on them, and most people with homes from that area are starting to experience minor, or moderate problems with their roofs. Luckily for homeowners of older properties, the roofs from yesteryear were constructed before the top roofing materials became too expensive to use, and in most cases only need to be repaired, not replaced. Roofers that get called to newer homes with roofing issues are tending to see more and more roofs which need to be taken down completely and rebuilt, since apart from the minor cosmetic issues they may have, the roof’s very structure might be at the brink of collapse. If a roof can no longer be counted on as a safe structure in the home then it must be replaced, as it is one of the principal structures of the home.

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