We start of this list of top-selling diamond items in Denver with one which always makes the list; custom engagement rings. There is no single piece of jewelry which is as likely to have a diamond in it as an engagement ring, and that hasn’t changed in recent years. In fact, the number of diamond engagement rings sold in Denver last year marked a fifteen year high, which was very surprising for many people who had pointed out that marriage is down all across the country. The bottom line is that people will always get married, and a diamond ring, small or large is always going to be the standard choice for people looking to ask for a loved one’s hand in marriage. In Denver the custom engagement ring scene is especially popular, probably because in Colorado there has been a strong culture of handcrafted, custom items for a long time. In fact, one out of every five engagement ring sold in Denver today is a custom ring, and that means that Denver is a fantastic place to be a custom jewelry designer and manufacturer. The nation’s leading custom engagement ring maker,, is based out of Denver, although they ship out their products all over the country and even across seas.

The next hottest selling item in Denver jewelry shops right now is the diamond nose ring. Late last year Colorado was gripped by a huge nose ring fad, and diamond studs quickly became the leading type of nose ring for people getting their nostrils pierced. A number of local celebrities showed up in magazines and on local TV shows wearing the diamond nose rings, and the trend took off fast. All of a sudden almost a quarter of all Denver diamonds were being used in nose rings, and the popularity of the nose rings hasn’t let up yet.  Perhaps the biggest reason why nose rings that use diamonds are so popular is because of the fact they are much cheaper than other types of diamond jewelry, as they only require a very small diamond stud in order to create an eye catching affect. This year a number of higher-end nose ring lines are set to be launched as well, with some nose rings that will be valued at more than five thousand dollars each.

Thirdly, the popularity of loose diamonds is at an all-time high in Denver, with loose stones accounting for nearly a quarter of all diamond sales for the last year. In fact, diamonds are not just up in popularity in Denver they are more popular than they have been in most cities across the country. Many experts point to the fact that loose diamonds are being purchased by people who have taken note of the rising price of diamonds over the last ten years. Whereas gold has remained at almost the same price during the last decade, and has even gone down in price on a number of occasions, the price of diamonds has shown a slight but steady increase for eleven years now.

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