1. A new kind of trade show exhibit has begun to appear which uses computer and videos instead of people. Not far behind the rest of the world, the trade shows have also started to update their technology with more and more trade show booths being run by computer systems and video media. Each individual industry has thousands of trade shows each year, which means that if a company wanted to take part in the majority of them, they would have to hire a full time staff just to work trade shows. Modern trade show booth designers such as,, have begun to design trade show booths to function as best as possible without anyone having to be there. Companies make videos which play on loops, something which allows the crowds to get informed about the company, and computer stations are also used which allow people to investigate further into different areas of the company. Using an online, company chat room to answer customer questions in real time has also become a popular choice. Trade show booths which run on automated systems make it possible for companies to participate in far more trade shows than they would otherwise be able to, and there are even some companies today which will take charge of shipping a trade show booth from one show to the next, maximizing the potential number of shows which they can participate in. There are few other means of marketing which are so effective as trade show marketing, and with the new systems that have emerged, companies can take part in as many different trade shows as they wish.
  2. A lot of event booths now use special activities which may have nothing to do with the company, or their products, to draw people in from the crowd. The pressing issue for most companies that are involved in the trade show events is that they don’t have any way to get clients to pay attention to their booth; after all there are usually around three thousand booths in a standard trade show. One way which people have started to combat the issues of getting passed by is by using fun events to draw folks in. In the more easy going trade shows, companies will even use music and dance to get people to come to their booth. Most trade shows are divided up into sections by country, so people have started to take advantage of that fact by creating themes for their booths, based off of the part of the world they are from. A lot of the business people that attend trade shows may spend months going from one trade show to the next, so any chance to show them something new could be a positive point.
  3. Lastly, many trade show booths have started to use intense lights to catch people’s eyes. It may seem bizarre, yet the use of bright neon lights, a trend that began in Japan, but which quickly spread all across the globe, is a very effective way for people to get their booths noticed.

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