1. People in the window treatment industry should always be willing to talk with customers about their different options. For first time home owners, getting a set of shades, or some other window covering, might be a really big deal, and sometimes that fact can be taken for granted by window treatment dealers that are not in touch with their clients. The first sign of a good window coverings dealer is their ability to explain things to their customers, and take all the time which may be needed in order to make sure their clients end up with the window covering which is right for them. Dealers should be able to help their clients decide on what kind of window treatment is best for their style, price range and any unique needs. Customers take notice when a window coverings dealer is just there to get them to buy a window treatment as fast as possible then get them out the door, and when a dealer is there to help them find a very special window covering. Even online window coverings dealers such as, have special customer help support for people that are shopping online. In fact, since much of the window coverings are now sold through the web, the best window coverings dealers have been doing everything possible to make their customers experience better. On some sites, a customer can connect live with a sales representative via video call, as they browse through the web site. The main goal of most online sellers today is to combine the best of both online shopping, with that of coming into a store and getting personal customer service from an actual person.
  2. Shades dealers have to have the lowest prices to be at the top of the industry. Items like blinds are a bit less competitive in the window treatment industry, but when it comes down to an item like shades, which is one of the most heavily produced window treatments around the world today, the ability to offer a low price is what separates the great shades dealers from all the rest. When a shades dealer has been working in the industry for a long time, they get to know the biggest suppliers so they are almost always able to get deals on items which newer companies can’t even imagine, not to mention they tend to buy in high volume, something which also help to lower the final cost by a considerable sum.
  3. Lastly, all excellent shades dealers should have a reliable team of window treatment instillation workers. People do not want to spend their free time installing window covering these days, and that is the main reason why window covering installment is now an almost standard part of any shades purchase. Many companies have set limits for how much a customer needs to spend in order to have their window treatments installed for no additional cost, yet the truly excellent window coverings dealers will tend to include free instillation on their products, not matter how little their customers spend.

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