1. Having a good supply of items related to essential oils. When you are looking for an excellent supplier of organic oils for you and your family, you should ask more of your oil supplier than just different oils. Today, there are a lot of different products made designed to make your aromatherapy even better. Some of the new ways that companies are inventing to make essential oil use better are pretty cool too. Take for instance, a new water bottle which has an attachment on the side of the bottle where you screw in your essential oil dispenser. There is a small button on the outside of the bottle that you can press in order to inject your water with a essential oil infusion, something that is a great tool for people that need to drink more water but just hate the taste. There are also new machines like the aromatherapy diffuser, which mists the air with essential oils as indicated by a preset timer. The new machines that shoot bursts of aromatherapy into the air are very helpful for people who are using aromatherapy as a way to improve mood, but who might otherwise forget to keep oils infused into their living spaces without the new diffuser machines. The list of different, nifty little items made for aromatherapy today is gigantic, so offering different items to your customers a must for a top essential oils dealer.
  2. Bringing the oils to the customer is another quality that can really set an oil supplier apart from the rest. Online stores like have been offering delivery on their products for years, and they have enjoyed a lot of success thanks to this one factor. You don’t need to be an online shop to bring your customers their products. A good oil dealer should offer to make monthly delivery of essential oils to the homes of the customers, or have a phone number where clients can call and order the products they need. Some of the most faithful users of essential oils may not be able to drive because of health issues. The elderly are among some of the biggest organic essential oils buyers, and they shouldn’t be limited I their ability to use the oils they need just because they have a hard time getting to the store. Even if you offer free delivery, the money that you will earn from all your extra customers is more than enough to compensate you for the gas you will have to get for the deliveries.
  3. Last on the list, but perhaps the most important of all the qualities that make an excellent oil supplier is the dealer knowledge of the different essential oils and what they are used for. People that come into an essential oils dealers for the first time are not going to know what to look for, and f there isn’t anyone there that can guide them to the right oils, those people may be lost forever as essential oil customers. Any good shop owner should have an extensive knowledge of the different oils.

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