1. The previous roofers have done damage to the roof while doing repairs. If a roofing contractor goes to look at a job and it becomes evident that the problem is not from nature or from the passage of time but rather from incompetent work done by other roofers, the contractor will turn down the job. In the first place, there might be issues with warranties on the work which was done and another roofer beginning work on top of older work would certainly cause the contract to go void. Besides the possible warranty, the roofer might put himself in a situation where he will become liable for the problems which the other roofer has caused. Even if the roofer accepts the job, there will have to be a careful inspection of the roof made so that the roofing contractor can pre-establish all existing problems that the roof has which might have been caused by the last repairs made. The contractor may even ask the homeowner to sign a paper to disclaim himself form responsibility for any damage already present. If you are looking to have repairs made on your roof and you are aware that the last roofer did a subpar job or did something which made your roofing issue even worse, it is important to disclose this information to the roofing contractor who you are talking with about making new repairs. Talking to your roofing contractor about your roof’s history will help insure that they know exactly what the roof needs to get fixed right. In our state we have a number of excellent roofing services like, where you can find a very helpful staff that can assist you in getting your problem fixed right the very first time.
  2. The roofing company has too much work. Roofing companies want to provide their customers with an excellent service and when it comes to roofing one of the most important aspects of the job is that it gets done as quickly as possible. If the issue is something like a leaking roof or a loose frame, the roofing company will turn the job down if they cannot give it their attention immediately. Roofers know that waiting to fix a problem like that can cause big problems for the homeowner. The most typical time for a roofing agency to become overwhelmed with work is right after a large storm where high winds have knocked tree limbs onto roofs. If you have a good relationship with your roofers and they have already done jobs for you in the past, you are much more likely to be seen faster, if not you might just have to wait till things cool down.
  3. Your home has serious structural problems. Honest roofers will not begin to do repairs on a home if the home itself is in need of serious work. The reason that roofers stray away from these jobs is that they might end up costing the property owner a lot of money for roof work on a structure that isn’t worth fixing to begin with.

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