1. Reclaimed hardwood flooring makes your floors as unique as any custom addition you could ever have in your home. There is something about reclaimed woods which gives them a feel and look that really feels special. When you buy reclaimed woods and reclaimed lumber, you are getting wood from old homes, boats, office buildings, studios, clubs the list is endless. The places that wood come from make it so special, and that is a feature you can’t just buy from any wood flooring store. You see, with wood, like many other organic materials, age can have a positive effect on it. Wood can take on smells and colors which only age and use can provide. Like a good wine, there are a thousand and one different things which can cause wood to age in different ways. Reclaimed wood is chosen for its quality and uniqueness too. Not any old wood floor or wood structure makes the cut to become a reclaimed wood floor. The people, who specialize in buying used wood, select the wood which will provide something special for its new setting. Places that sell reconstructed wood floors have years and years of experience in how to spot the best wood for their clients. Go to and check out the photos they have posted of some of the wood floors they have sold their customers, then go to other, more traditional wood floor sellers and look at the products they sell. You will notice a clear difference between the two. Wood which comes from traditional wood dealers just does not have the same luster and hue as wood which comes from reclaimed wood dealers. If you are looking for something truly special for your home or office floors, check out reclaimed hardwood floors.
  2. The cost of reclaimed wood is often competitive with that of new hardwood floors and often times even cheaper. Many home owners are delighted when they discover that reclaimed hardwood floors are sometimes less expensive than brand new flooring. As we have already discussed above, reclaimed hardwood comes with a lot of benefits which new hardwood floors can’t provide. Yet, because reclaimed wood cuts down on the cost of purchasing new materials for companies, the cost can often times be very close between the two kinds of wood. Reclaimed wood sometimes even comes from structures which were abandoned and the demolition company asks the reclaimed wood dealers to come in and take out the wood before the structure is destroyed. Make sure you find out what the prices are for all of your flooring options before you buy; you wouldn’t want to get caught paying more for a products that might not be as good.
  3. Reclaimed hardwood floors are better for the environment. There is an amazing amount of wood that has already been harvested and processed into usable form in this country. There is really no need for people to go on cutting down new trees and manufacturing wood for sales. If each wood dealer out there was able to switch even a small percentage of their wood sale over to reclaimed wood, the impact on the earth would be hugely positive.

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