1. The quality is generally better in refurbished cubicles than it is in newly manufactured items. That old saying that things just aren’t made like they used to be, is especially true in the furniture industry. The quality of production has gone down a great deal since the furnishings we use have begun to be produced in mass quantities instead of by smaller groups of highly trained furniture makers. The majority of new furniture may not even be made by people at all as more and more machines are taking over the jobs of the furniture makers. There is also the question of quality of the wood that is being used. Since high-grade wood has been getting more expensive and harder to get, many of the companies have started to use mixtures of low-grade wood and some synthetic materials. The new furniture is, in almost every way, inferior to the products what we saw years ago. Due to the demand for these refurbished furniture products, many online sources like, has started to become an increasingly popular choice for office furnishings. The genius of companies like MacBride is that they offer both refurbished office furniture as well as brand new furniture and even some custom designed pieces, they have created a single source for almost everything you could ask for out of home furnishings and they have done it on a large scale. With quality continuing to decrease in office furnishings, companies like MacBride will probably grow in strength.
  2. New cubicles often cost more than used cubicles. Despite the fact that in many cases the older models of cubicles are of a superior quality and come in a wider range of styles, the new cubicles often cost nearly twice as much as second hand cubicles. The reason that cubicles are often times very expensive is that they are made specifically with the idea that they will be sold to the largest companies and that their budgets will stretch to whatever the cost of the new cubicles may be. Sometimes the most popular new designs are not even available to buy in smaller numbers and anything under a hundred units can drive the cost up even further. A refurbished office cubicle is a cheaper choice for the average sized office and can usually provide a better quality of materials for a lesser price.
  3. Refurbished cubicles can combine the styles of yesterday with all the luxury of modern furnishings. Office furniture can be refurbished so that the older models which might be very attractive but not very practical, can be made with new drawers and new areas to attach lights, or places to fit your desk top computers. People love the idea of being able to combine the best of both worlds and they can do so for less than it would cost to have a custom cubicle built as a brand new piece of furniture. It is always easier to modify something which is already good than to make something from scratch.

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