1. The first thing that must be taken care of when a person is preparing for a sciatica surgery or spine surgery, is to find the best possible doctor for the specific surgery that will be performed. There are currently tens of thousands of treatment centers that work exclusively in back pain surgeries, and each of them has a group of surgeries that are their expertise. One back pain treatment clinic may be the very best when it comes to repairing a slipped disk, while a different clinic may be the right choice for sciatica procedure. A patient’s regular doctor may have some good insight as to what type of specialist the patient should seek out, and where the best person from that field could be found. Online searches will also yield a high number of possible surgery providers. Some sites have extensive information about the different operations, and even the background’s of each individual doctor. At, a great many different types of specialist can be found in one place. Once a patent has found the right doctor for their operation, there is not much left to worry about.
  2. Another of the things that must be done when getting prepared for a back pain surgery is to prepare for the recovery time that will follow the operation. The average recovery time for a spinal operation is between three and four months, with two of those months being bed ridden. The recovery time for back operations is much higher than many other types of operations because the back is an area that is so easy to reinjure. When the doctor tells his or her patient that they must reframe from all activities that can put extra stress on the back, they should be taken very seriously. Many people feel such a tremendous relief from pain in the weeks following their surgery that they start to become more active than ever, and in many cases they start to undertake physical activities that cause them to injure their backs again. If a back is injured during a recovery period, the patient will have to wait till the injury is healed, then undergo another operation, a possibly more complicated one. In the months preceding a back pain operation the patient should do any serious house repairs needed, leave everything in the best order possible so that later on they will be able to just take it easy as they recover. No consideration is too large or small when it comes to planning a smooth recovery period. People whose bedrooms are on the second floor may want to consider moving downstairs temporarily when they are getting better following a back operation. If a patient lives alone then they might have to hire a service to take care of some of the daily tasks while they are healing up.
  3. The last step which must be taken before a back operation is to kiss chronic pain goodbye. The patient should start to accept the fact that they will no longer suffer from pain day in and day out, but that they will be able to enjoy life without pain once again!

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