1. The American car industry would have long ceased to exist. In the late 50’s the end of the great American car error began to take place in the USA. Detroit and other cities that had economies based solely on the production and sale of automobiles fell into serious depressions. By the mid 60’s one out of every three cars in the USA came from another country. The era of the American automobile seemed to be drawing to a final end. Luckily for the country, the 80’s brought new life to the automobile industry in the USA as new safety standards began to make the productions of cars a more delicate procedure. The country looked to precision machining as a way to meet new high standards of manufacturing, and to get the USA back into the automobile industry. With a single decade the production of American automobiles was at an all time high, thanks in large part to the tremendous amount of help that the industry received form machine shops. The American machine shop, long superior to those found in other countries was able to provide technologies which see the bar for across safety and production so high, other car companies in other countries just could not keep up. Not only were Americans once again driving American cars, but other nations across the globe were once again importing American made automobiles. An industry that had only ten year before been at the brink of total collapse was once again a forerunner in the auto industry. If you are driving an American made car today, you owe that privilege to the nation’s amazing machine shop industry.
  2. The cost of most machines would be outrageous. If you travel to countries that lack a competent machine industry, then you will no doubt have noticed that the price of machines which can be bought in our country for a fraction of the cost, can be several dozen times more expensive over there. In some cases, many machines are imported from countries with well developed machine industries, or they are not sold at all. The machine industry makes the production of thousands of our most used machines cost friendly. It should be considered, that the machine industry has take a long time and a great deal of advancing in order to get where it is today, and that most countries are not lucky enough to enjoy what we have. Companies like, are the reason why we can buy so many different machines at a reasonable cost.
  3. There would probably be fewer tall buildings. Without the ability to produce essential construction materials such as wire EDM and others, there would be no way to make the construction of so many large buildings a possibility in this country. If you visit nations that are less developed than we are, you might notice that they tend not to have tall buildings, that is because the machine shops play a vital role in producing the materials that are needed for large scale construction jobs, without the machine shops our cities and towns would look very differently.

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