1. Stay away from huge clinics that look more like malls than dental office. There is a lot of competition in the dental and orthodontics world and that has had both positive and negative effects for patients. On the one hand, you can find cheaper, better quality orthodontist in your town and you can find a place which will work around your schedule to make teeth correction easy for you. On the other hand, there is a trend of huge orthodontics offices where up to 30 different orthodontist work on a vast body of patients. This is not ideal for the patient or the doctor because it creates an extremely impersonal environment and takes away the individual attention that the professionals can give their clients. These clinics are attractive to some people because of they often times offer the cheapest service in the city but paying slightly less for your orthodontics is not going to be worth it in the end. Go with an average sized clinic with a good level of personal attention. Look for a place where the doctor takes the time to come out and say hello to his patients at the office. Here in California we are not short on excellent orthodontic services. A great little clinic you might want to consider is Pure Orthodontics. Pure Orthodontics has a office right here in the city and they have been giving patients the best attention for years. You can check out their website where you can get a quote or just write them with a question. Go to After all, we spend enough of our time in oversized businesses every day, there is no sense in making your orthodontics care another part of that list.
  2. Don’t waste your time with orthodontics offices which don’t offer the new forms of treatment. There have been some serious advancement in orthodontics over the years and probably the most important one of those has been the introduction of invisalign braces. Invisalign braces are clear braces which slip over the teeth like a mouth guard and can be taken out during meals or any time you don’t feel like wearing them. The new clear braces are far superior to the old system of big metal brackets and uncomfortable rubber bands that make it hard to talk and eat properly. There are some cases where traditional braces are still called for, but at the very least the orthodontist should offer both options. The invisalign system has become so popular that some orthodontists have even begun to call themselves “invisalign orthodontist”. Why bother having work done at an orthodontist who isn’t keeping up with the time?
  3. If the orthodontist doesn’t have a convenient pay plan for you, just go someplace that does. One of the keys to success in the dental industry is making the services available to all people, no matter what their income level may be. It is expected that orthodontics clinics will offer payment plans tailored for each client.

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