1. When you are creating your real estate web design you should always include aspects that tie your agency in with the community. People prefer to buy from a real estate agency that is truly local, and there are few instances when folks shopping for real estate will use an agency that is based outside their city, much less their state. Real estate is all about trust and developing a good relationship between the agent and the customer. One incredibly effective method for getting close to your client is to use images from the community on your website. You could for instance, get your real estate agency to sponsor a local baseball team. You can use images of the team using their jersey with the real estate agency’s emblem on your site to show local people that your group takes part in the local happenings. If you live in a city with a distinctive land mark, like a special building or a natural feature such as a lake or a hill, use images of them on your site so people can instantly associate your firm with the city. Sometimes being the big global giant can be an advantage, but when it comes to real estate, the closer you are associated with the immediate community, the better you will be received.
  2. Use real estate seo to keep your traffic up. Anyone who is involved in the real estate industry knows how important a strong presence on the web is to success. Strong, well designed websites are very important to real estate companies, yet your site doesn’t get the traffic it needs, the end result could mean a huge loss of business. Luckily, companies like can easily and quickly provide seo services for real estate companies on the web. Your online traffic should not only be stable, it should be constantly growing. If your online numbers are falling or growing stagnant, it may be time to utilize real estate seo to get traffic back up and buzzing.
  3. It is always a smart idea to include a small video on your site that tells visitors about your team and their properties. A quick, two minute video about your company and its listings is easily made by an independent promotional video company for a reasonable charge. Videos are great because they can attract the attention of customers who are used to seeing only pictures on other web sites. If your team is feeling quirky, you can even make a funny video with characters and silly music. The main goal is to get people to remember your site after they have already left. People respond better to visual media than they do other types of ads. If your video seems to make a big impact on your advertising then you could always consider using that video on a small commercial slot, like a late night TV program. You have to always try and be innovative with your advertising methods if you want to stay ahead of all the other real estate agencies.

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