Tips for Caring for your Carpets between Cleanings

It is no surprise that living in your home can cause messes. Sometimes, it can cause big http://chemdrysalem.commesses. Wine is spilled, glasses are broken, pets and children track in mud… it can be hard to stay ahead of all of the dirt that is somehow brought into your home! Even though it is impossible to keep a home that is completely dirt free – unless you live in a bubble – there are methods you can use to help keep your home, and especially your floors, looking clean and new longer. Here are a few tips for home cleaning success:

If you have furniture that is made out of leather, you can prolong the life of it four or five times longer if you put a little time into maintaining it. Make sure that when you are cleaning leather that you use products that are specifically made for leather care. Other cleaning products can actually break down the leather faster and cause it to dry out and to crack, and they will not effective clean away the body oils, perspiration, skin acids and other dirt that works it’s way into the leather over time. If you have invested in nice leather furniture, you should have it professionally cleaned one to four times per year depending on how much use the furniture gets. In between professional cleanings, use a leather care cleaner – Chem Dry makes a good one – that will help to minimize scuffs and scratches. Also, try not to place furniture in places that are exposed to a lot of prolonged sunlight and this can also dry out and fade the color of the leather.

If you have decorated your home using area rugs, these become a focal point of the room they are in. Once they start to fray and fade, the room will also begin to look older. Of course you want to try to avoid any spills on your rugs that will stain, but since that will inevitably happen anyway, make sure that you address stains as soon as you can. Soak up as much of the liquid as possible. Hot water can actually damage fine rugs, so instead stick with absorbent towels and club soda. Your professional carpet cleaner can also apply a protecting to the rug to help repel stains. As with leather, try to place it in areas that are out of direct sunlight.

If you are attempting to self treat a stain on regular carpet, remember to blot – not rub – at a stain to get up as much as you can. Always test a stain treatment product on a hidden spot of the carpet to make sure that it will not change the color of the carpet or release the carpet dye. If a simple dab and treat method does not work, call in a professional cleaner to treat the stain. The sooner it is treated with professional grade equipment, the less expensive and time consuming it will be for you.  And of course, always call Chem Dry of Salem for your carpet and furniture cleaning needs!

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