Top orthodontic treatment options for adults

When you are an adult who needs orthodontic treatment, you might find yourself cringing at the idea of having to put braces over the tops of your teeth in order to achieve the treatment that you were hoping for. In reality, having this kind of treatment for your teeth is not so bad, and at Fruge Orthodontics you will find lots of different adult orthodontic options so that you end up with a treatment that really does make the most sense for you instead of getting a treatment that only partially addresses the issue at hand. That is truly the beauty of adult orthodontics; there are tons of treatment options to fit your lifestyle, and you will find that the treatments really do change the way you feel about yourself and your health. There are a lot of important reasons to consider orthodontics as an adult, but perhaps the most important reason is that your health depends on it. Straighter teeth are healthier teeth; this is simply the reality of the situation we are living in. When your teeth are properly straight, it is easier to keep them clean. You will know that your teeth are cleaner because you will find it easier to floss and brush them, whereas with crooked teeth it is harder to do these things properly. Additionally, as an adult working hard to get the best job and move up in your career, you cannot afford to have any part of your appearance detract from your self confidence. When you invest in your smile, you invest in your full potential. Finally, leaving dental and orthodontic issues unaddressed just means that you will end up paying dearly for these things in the long run. There is no sense in letting things get to that point. Make a change with one of these great adult orthodontic options:

1. Invisible braces: You will not even have to worry about having metal poking around in your mouth as an adult! There are plenty of clear braces options, such as Invisalign, to help you get those straight teeth without the embarrassment of metal in your later years.

2. Ceramic braces: This is another great dental option hitting the scene. With ceramic braces, you avoid the detrimental impacts of metal braces- such as tooth decay and shortening of tooth roots- and get all the benefits of braces that are not unsightly! Ceramic braces come in a few different levels of transparency, so you can pick the kind of coloring you want.

3. Clear braces: While these are metal, the coloring on the brackets is clear, so you will not have the frustration of colored metal squares on all of your teeth.

4. Traditional braces: If you are not concerned about metal braces in your mouth and are merely working to improve your dental health, then you should absolutely go with metal braces.

With so many adult orthodontic options available, it is hard to see why more people don’t take advantage of these treatment options. Don’t let your fears get the best of you; take the bold step to change your life today!

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