Understanding the revival of vinyl albums in the United States.

http://www.soundstagedirect.comIf you take some time to research the sales of vinyl albums in the United States over the past decade, you’ll notice that they’re rising every single year. Forbes Magazine recently had a piece detailing that while CD and digital music sales were down due to streaming networks like Pandora and Spotify, sales of vinyl records are on the rise. It’s curious to think that people are buying less digital music because they can stream it, but they’re still buying vinyl. Logically this wouldn’t seem to make sense, especially that because of great materials and album cover designs, vinyl albums are typically much more expensive than streaming services, CD’s or any other musical platform. Yet sites like www.soundstagedirect.com are selling greater numbers ever year. So why is this happening?

Part of the resurgence in vinyl albums is due to the fact that they become so rare for a period of time. When an item isn’t readily available and you have to search to find it it becomes more valuable. For example, people value gold and diamonds because they think they are incredibly rare (which, in fact, they really aren’t). So part of the reason why vinyl records have seen such huge spikes in their sale numbers is that people stopped seeing them so often and they became cool. Owning a record of your favorite album was incredibly unusual, so other people wanted to start owning them as well. Since it was hard to find albums, a sort of niche market developed. This explains part of the reason why they have become so popular once again.

Another part of it is due to people wanting to support the artists they like listening to. Most people understand that when they stream music or download a music file, they aren’t really supporting the artist but instead are supporting their record company. Artists see very little of the money that their record company receives for having their music on streaming services like Pandora. When people buy a physical album they’re still giving money to the record company but more of it is going to the artist themselves. When people really enjoy the work a particular artist puts out they want to let them know it.

The final reason why vinyl albums are so popular once again has to do with the quality of sound they produce. You may not know this, but when a record is produced the grooves on the record are a perfect match with the waves of sound that the music actually creates. Thus, the sound you hear when you play a record is a pure form of the music when it was recorded in a studio. When people listen to digital music, some of the quality of the sound is lost, no matter how great the speakers or headphones are that people are using. Thus, vinyl albums are a higher quality of music.

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