Using chiropractor web design to get more patients

There was an infomercial a number of years ago that used the slogan, “Set it and forget it.”  They were not hawking chiropractor web design, or any web design, for that matter.  That is due to the fact that if you want to attract more clients, your web design has to be fluid in order to truly stand out from the crowd.


First and foremost, when it comes to your website, it should be easy to navigate.  Those that visit should be able to find what they are looking for without having to go through a site map or click on a dozen different links before getting there.  Additionally, the font should be readable and the graphics should be professional looking.  Overall, the site should not be too flashy or busy in nature.  Not only can this hurt eyes, it can slow loading time and if the site loads too slow, people may click away.

The content that you put on your website should help with your chiropractor marketing strategy.  It should establish you as an expert and show your willingness to help patients by providing valuable information.  The best way to do this is to include a blog that you update often.  When you do update it, you should alert your followers by posting a link on the various social media platforms.


In addition to posting your credentials, you should also write about your experience and ongoing education as a way to build credibility.  Moreover, this is a great way to show your patients the benefits of being treated by you.  After all, those that take the time to visit your website want to know how you can help them.


Other things that prospective patients are interested in while perusing your chiropractor web design include whether or not you offer free consultations or financing in addition to any other unique services your office may provide.


This, along with any specials you may be running contributes to the call to action that every site, medical or not, should have.  A call to action is important because visitors are often left wondering what to do after they have visited your site.  Giving them the option to view any deals or sign up to receive a newsletter via email helps to answer that question.


Any and all content that you place on your site should contain relevant links.  Visitors should be directed to pertinent pages within your website.  This allows for proper funneling in order for visitors to get the information that is needed in order to convert them into patients.  For example, if someone is reading a study you posted on how you can help relieve the pain from arthritis, you can include a link to before and after pictures.


Finally, be sure to include a place for current patients to leave reviews or include a link to a site that has them.  According to a recent study, over 90% of those questioned said that they read online reviews.  Therefore, they should be easy to find on your site.

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