Vinyasa yoga can help you heal after a knee surgery

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If you have ever injured your knee, you know it is one of the most painful and inconvenient injuries. Any type of knee surgery can be invasive, painful and really throw off your usually workout schedule, mostly because after knee surgery, your knee will not be weight bearing for quite a while. In addition, because the leg is not weight bearing, the quad muscle of the leg can atrophy quickly, making one side of your body disproportionately strong. Once your knee heals enough to be able to stand on it again, it is unlikely you will be able to do high impact exercising like running, jogging or pivoting exercises. These are all dangerous to your healing knee. Instead, it is best to focus on slow, controlled, low impact workouts like swimming, cycling and vinyasa yoga. Yoga is an excellent choice for a post-surgery knee because the moves are slow and deliberate, meaning you can think about each pose before you transition into it. This will ensure that you are positioning your knee in the best, most comfortable way so as to avoid any further pain or injury. Also, because young a is a body weight workout, it will help strengthen your knee quickly and prepare it to go back to how it was pre-surgery.

When attending yoga classes, be sure to let the instructor know ahead of time about your surgery and how long ago it way. That way, during class, the instructor will be able to help you modify moves as needed so that your don’t injure yourself again. Another great thing about yoga is that your practice is all based on your own body and pace. There is absolutely no pressure to match what other people in class are doing or to keep up with them In fact, at places like Joy Yoga Center, students are extremely supportive of other students as they find their footing in a new yoga practice, especially after a frustrating and disheartening injury.

Additionally, yoga workouts do not isolate muscle groups but instead, focus on the whole body and on how all the muscles interact and work together to make the body move. This means you will simultaneously be working your knee, quad muscles, calves, hip flexor and more, which will contribute to the overall re-strengthening of your leg. As your leg gets stronger as a whole, it will be able to rebuild that muscle that atrophied and take some of the additional strain off of your knee. That means you’ll be back to normal in no time.

Though any type of exercise can seem intimidating after a knee surgery, doing something like yoga will allow you to be mindful and fully present as you work out and attempt to strengthen your leg and knee. Not pushing your knee too hard is crucial during this stage because the future health of your knee depends on a successful recovery. With workouts like yoga, you are sure to get your knee back into pre-injury shape in no time.

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