Wedding themes for 2017

If you are planning a wedding for 2017, then listen up! The fashion shows are over and the big trends for this year have been released. Here is a breakdown of the trends that you should expect to see at many weddings during the 2017 wedding season:

  1. Garden themes. Outdoor weddings aren’t going anywhere any time soon, and there will likely be even more of them in 2017. There are so many beautiful places in colorado that it makes sense that there would be even more outdoor wedding venues to go with them. So if you have a lot of weddings to attend this year, it is probably a good idea to trade in your wedding stilettos for some more practical wedges or flats.
  2. Color. This year the monotone wedding will be bygones. Color is coming back in a big way! Brides are now putting more color into every part of their wedding, from the dress to the decorations and flowers. Pink has been selling especially well for spring and summer weddings, and many wedding dress designers are putting out wedding dresses that are no longer all white. This year’s wedding dresses are approaching color in two different ways: many traditional white dresses are being given a facelift with a pop of color or a color accent, and some brides are throwing out the idea of the white dress completely and selecting dresses in other shades.
  3. Looking more specifically at wedding venues, more and more couples are selecting venues that will provide space for the ceremony and reception all in one place. They are also simplifying their decoration styles by choosing venues that boast a natural beauty, whether it is inside or outside. Flowers are of course still in (they’re never going anywhere) but instead of twinkle lights or fairy lights, couples are sticking to more greenery. Picture green garlands in winter and vibrant trellis’ in summer time.
  4. The vintage vibe began last year and it looks like it will still be going strong this year, meaning that more ladies will be wearing vintage-classic gowns. The strapless dress began to lose popularity last year and will likely continue to do so in order to stay true to the vintage look. You’ll be seeing more sleeves or one shoulder gowns, and definitely a whole lot more lace.
  5. More online accessibility. Now that more millennial are starting to get married, the wedding industry has had to adjust to their preferred way of doing business. More businesses in the wedding space are now doing a large chunk of their business online. Whether it is meeting clients, sending quotes or answering questions, fewer of these conversations are happening in person and are being replaced by technology. Do not be surprised if you start to see the majority of wedding invites, save the dates and registries become solely online enterprises beginning this year.

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