There is hardly any area of eye care which hasn’t done down in cost a lot over the past few decades. Everything from eyeglasses to contacts have become much less costly, and the biggest single area in which prices have gone down is in different types of surgical operations for the eyes. In fact, as recently as the 80’s, the field of eye surgery was one of the most expensive types of operations that a person could undergo. A serious eye operation could cost as much as brain surgery. Within the area of eye surgery, cataract surgery in particular has gotten to be an extremely affordable operation to have done. Here we will take a look at the main reasons why cataract operations are now something that almost all Americans can afford.

The single biggest reason why cataract eye surgery has become so affordable is because of the massive increase in the number of eye surgeons that are working today. As we mentioned before, in the 80’s eye surgery was fairly uncommon, extremely expensive and there just were not many people doing it. There are probably two major reasons why there were so few eye surgeons in the past. First until recently there were very few medical schools which offered eye surgery as a specialty. The few schools out there where a person could study to work in the field of eye surgery were expensive and very difficult to get into. Currently, we have hundreds of excellent school in the country where a person can focus on eye surgeries such as cataract removal. The second reason there were few surgeons in the past was because there were not many work opportunities where young graduates could seek employment. Only a handful of large eye surgery clinics were even operating back then. People today take for granted that we have huge eye clinics such as, www.cutarellivision.com, which are capable of seeing thousands of patients each year. Before a person who was in need of cataract surgery might have had to wait for months in order to see an eye surgeon for an operation, and then only with luck would the surgeon operate in their part of the state or country. The giant increase in eye surgeons is the leading factor for the dropping costs of cataracts treatment.

The other reason for the lowered cost in cataract treatment is much less complicated; the technology has improved. Surgeries of any kind are always much more expensive if they bring a high risk for failure with them. Most people don’t realize that every operation a surgeon does, has to be covered specifically by their insurance provider. If the operation has a high risk of failure, the cost for insuring the doctor is much higher. In the past the technology used for cataract treatment was far less sophisticated than it is today, and naturally the risks involved in operating were much higher. For example, a basic cataract operation has a nearly 90 percent full success rate today, compared with twenty years ago when the success rate was a stark 50 percent. Less risk means the patient gets charged less.

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