Online swimming lessons bring the power of learning to swim to people that wouldn’t otherwise have access to that knowledge.  Every year, a heartbreakingly high number of young people and adults drown in this country, simply because they don’t know how to swim. In fact, amongst children ages 3 to 7, the leading cause of death, after car accidents is by drowning. As they teach us in school from a very early age, a person can drown in just 3 inches of water, so knowing how to swim, and dealing with water in general is a must for anyone. A lot of people don’t live in parts of the country with access to natural bodies of water, or to swimming pools, and for those people, there is very little opportunity to learn how to swim, and even less opportunity to have a coach teach them the step by step of how to get into the water and start swimming. Sites like www.fourstrokescoaching.com, have brought swimming lessons to a wider group of people than has any other training program launched before it. All over the Midwest, public schools have started to implement the online swimming classes into their school programs. Parents are delighted that their children are learning a skill at school which could one day save their lives, and the kids are just happy to be having so much fun. There may never be a better way to get the skills people need for learning to swim to them than through online swimming lessons, and that is one of the things that makes them so vital for so many people. Online swimming lessons are also very important because many people have never learned to swim because they don’t feel comfortable doing so in front of strangers. Those of us who grew up with a private pool might take for granted that people that have never had a pool, could only learn to swim in a public area, and for many people, especially adults, not being able to swim is a serious area of embarrassment. After lack of access to educational programs, the biggest cause for adults not knowing how to swim is that they never take on the task because of the shame they feel. Adult swimming lessons on the web have made it possible for people to learn how to swim from the privacy of their own homes, and that has made all the difference for many people. Lastly, online swimming lessons are very important because they provide a low cost educational tool which many people today would otherwise not be able to afford. Swimming lessons in private clubs can be very pricey, and for people that don’t have a lot of extra cash, it could seem ridiculous to spend money they don’t have on an activity which they don’t often get to do. Online swimming lessons have made it possible for all people, from all walks of life to learn the valuable skill of swimming. Online classes are sometimes even given for free at community centers and other public social institutes.

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