Wisdom teeth removal is important, as there are many problems associated with wisdom teeth that are not removed.

Most of us have our wisdom teeth removed before we get too far along in our lives. Indeed, most oral surgeons will tell you that approximately 75% of wisdom teeth that they see during their work must be removed. This is a pretty high percentage of wisdom teeth, and the reasoning behind the removal is clear: our wisdom teeth are no longer a functional part of our oral structures. Whether it is because we have evolved past the days of highly carnivorous activities or if it is because of other reasons, the reality is that wisdom teeth often do more harm than good when they are allowed to exist in our mouths. These “third molars” simply no longer fit, which isĀ why wisdom teeth removal is so important these days. Indeed, it can be quite harmful to leave a wisdom tooth in place when it should be removed, whether the tooth is impacted or not. Here are some of the risks and issues associated with wisdom teeth to encourage you to get yours examined so that you better understand the dental issues you face:

  • Crowding the mouth: Today, most people do not have enough room in their mouths for their wisdom teeth. So, by the time they come in they end up pushing other teeth around to make their appearance. All that money your parents spent on braces to straighten your teeth? Throw that money out the window if you let your wisdom teeth come in and push everyone around.
  • Pressure on existing teeth, bone, and gums: Your wisdom teeth sometimes try to http://www.Peakoms.comcome up despite the fact that overlying gum, bone, or teeth exist in the place where they intend to erupt. This can be very painful in addition to cause infections because there are other oral fixtures in the way of the wisdom teeth.
  • Wisdom teeth become impacted: Impacted or partially impacted wisdom teeth are problematic because they get stuck below the surface of your gums, unable to erupt because of gum, bone, or other teeth that are in the way. Impacted wisdom teeth have been seen as particularly problematic for a long time because of the pain and the possibility of infection that surround them. For example, there is a sac that surrounds the tooth that is impacted. If that sac fills with fluid, a cyst can form in that space.
  • Disease prone: Recent studies have revealed that no matter whether to tooth is impacted or if it erupts, all wisdom teeth are prone to the same diseases and problems. Leaving your wisdom teeth in place, no matter what situation they are in, will only leave you at risk of complications and other problems down the road, even if you cannot see the damage forming.

One thing is clear: you need an experienced oral surgeon likeĀ Peak Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery to complete your wisdom teeth removal so that you do not suffer from the pain and pathological complications that often follow people and their wisdom teeth. You must be careful to take your dental health seriously, and this is one way to do so!

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