You can afford custom windows and doors

Custom windows are no longer something that you cannot afford.  We tend to think that a lot of those nicer things in life are just not attainable because of cost.  But, actually, anything with the word “custom” in it is now a much more reachable goal because the cost of certain elements in general are not so high.  1st Choice Windows and Siding prides itself on putting up high quality products at a price that everyone can agree with.  They have been serving the Denver Metro area since 1995 and are happy to be one of the number one providers for doors, windows, and siding.  Another element that is important to the owners at 1st Choice is energy efficiency.  Now that we are all becoming more conscious of what we consume and how we affect the planet, we can’t make excuses anymore for choosing not to be green and/or energy efficient.  1st Choice makes it easy to find elements of your home that can look beautiful and function even more beautifully.

If you are considering anything brand new, or even just an upgrade on current parts of your home, ask about a free consultation from 1st Choice.  You will get a clear idea of window installationwhat your budget entails and what can be expected with a purchase.  The technicians and design specialists from this A-rated company have an eye for these things and can let you know pretty quickly how your plan can unfold.  They can also spot problem areas that you didn’t realize were there.  One of the most common pieces of a home that need updating are windows.  Older, drafty, and dangerous windows can be a big problem.  They let a great deal of hot air escape and cost you a fortune in heating.  Often older windows stop functioning like they should, making it difficult or impossible to open and creating an instant fire hazard.  If your windows are 15 years older or more, they are likely outdated in safety features, energy efficiency, and style.  By replacing your older drafty windows with Energy Star approved windows you may be able to save 30% of your energy bill instantly.  Brand new window installation could give you more of an upgrade than you realize.  It will bring a fresh new look to your home while providing better energy efficiency and safer exits.

Because 1st Choice is such a well established entity in the community, they have great relationships with their suppliers.  With years of great relationships comes great prices that are passed down through to the customers.  The combined experience of the staff at 1st Choice also adds up nicely for the customer because they receive the best ideas, best prices, and best value for their money.  Replacement windows are just one of the many ways that your home could be upgraded after an initial consultation with 1st Choice Windows and Siding.  Your home could get a full face makeover that looks beautiful and functions more efficiently than ever before.  Schedule your consult with 1st Choice today.

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