You need to get your marijuana tested for heavy metals.

“You know some guys just can’t hold their arsenic!”

A well known quote from a well known song within a well known musical Chicago. The song is about women who killed men who “had it coming” and this one quote is sang by a woman who poisoned her cheating husband with arsenic. So how does this relate to THC testing marijuana testing? Interestingly enough it is very connected. That is because there is a chance of arsenic being present in the soil where you grow marijuana. This in turn could mean that this heavy metal is being infused into the plant that will then be ingested by someone which is not a good thing as we have seen in the theatrical production and exceptional film Chicago.

There are a lot more heavy metals that could be present in the soil where you would grow marijuana. Those heavy metals are anything from arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury. We all have heard about the dangers of mercury poisoning and though we haven’t heard as much about the dangers of lead and cadmium you can be sure that having their presence in your body is not a good idea. That is why it is important to get cannabis testing done to make sure that your crop is not infiltrated by heavy metals.

CannLabs is a company that provides excellence in marijuana testing from pesticides or cannabis potency to residual solvents. Of course they also test for heavy metals in the marijuana plants to ensure optimum safety of all users. CannLabs believes in the health benefits of marijuana which is why they also specialize in THC testing and run CBD test labs. CannLabs believes in helping create a movement of safety for dispensaries, growers and consumers in terms of marijuana consumption. Especially since medical marijuana has become more pervasive in our country and of course since Colorado and Washington legalized recreational marijuana. We know also that many more states are considering legalizing recreational marijuana we really need to consider the benefits of testing marijuana for all sorts of hazardous materials and in particular heavy metals that can be transfered into someone’s body if they choose to consume cannabis.

The process they use for testing product for heavy metals is quite simple. They start by checking in the product. This means they weigh the product and then take photographs it. This is to build a more composite picture of the product as well as helps with documentation that aids research and development of cannabis and cannabis testing. They place what is being testing in the MARS extractor tube and then have it digested in nitric acid. Then the acid extract is placed on the ICP-MS and then finally the metal reports are recorded and reported to the appropriate source.

This extensive process of testing can be done only by those with the equipment and knowledge to do so. That is why so many people trust CannLabs to do this work because they are highly experienced and educated in all kind of marijuana testing.

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