You Simply Need a Radon Mitigation Company.

There are tons of different things in your home that may or may not cause health problems, but it is important to keep track of the ones that are serious. Everyone knows to avoid lead paint and asbestos, but there are many other hazards that you may not even know to avoid or to look for. One example is radon, which is not something that you can see or smell, and it is also not something that is manmade. Because of this, it is nearly impossible to predict where you will find it. Instead, the only thing you can do is undergo a radon inspection frequently, to be sure that you are not exposing yourself. If radon is identified, you simply need to have a radon mitigation company get rid of it.

Radon is extremely common, which is part of the reason it is such a major carcinogen, in terms of just sheer numbers. There are a few different things that commonly cause lung cancer, and radon is only one. That being said, it is actually the second leading cause of lung cancer, being the first leading cause among those who do not smoke and have never smoked. Because of this, when you are in the process of inspecting your home for other things, such as black mold and foundational problems, you cannot afford to neglect to look for radon. It can literally save your life to identify it early. Like any other carcinogen, it is not typical to develop lung cancer from brief exposure to radon, but longterm exposure increases your chances of developing it exponentially. This is also why it is never too late to get an inspection and schedule radon removal. Radon removal is the means by which they actually remove radon from the air. Needless to say, removing a gas is difficult, but there are means by which they can pump it outside. Outside, radon just gets dispersed into the air, and it does not cause any problems because the concentrations are so low. It is only when the radon gets indoors that the levels become high enough to cause problems.

As for how radon is formed, it is actually an interesting process. Radon is one of the byproducts of radioactive decay that is naturally occurring in the soil at all times. As the radioactive matter degrades, radon is given off, in its gaseous form. When this happens, the radon has nowhere to go but up. The radon particles rise through the soil and up into the atmosphere. This is a natural process that has always occurred. The problem is when a house is built on top of this reaction. Because of the fact that a house is enclosed, all of the radon gets trapped inside. This makes it so anyone living inside is getting exposed to concentrated levels of this radioactive substance. Radon abatement is the only way to get rid of this hazardous material, and it is something you should invest in immediately if you have radon.

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